About Parisa

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Some of my earliest memories are of my father and his very old Zenit film camera. He would spend hours taking video and photo of my  grandmother and I together, riding my bike, swinging and story telling.  Watching the footage play back during my adolescence helped me remember my grandma when she was young, and seeing how much she loved and cared for me before she passed.

Photography was a pipe dream for me, always at the back of my mind through my life… when I studied applied economics in college and continued to get my Master of Business Administration at University Of Nice in France, and started to work as a financial planner.

When I woke up in the morning of my 40th birthday, I just felt so empty and I told myself it’s time to move on and find my “why” in my life. I decided to stop dreaming and start to do something real. I quit my job at the bank and started photography school… no easy feat for a 40-something female!

I’m really grateful that I’ve had this opportunity to persue my dream to be a professional photographer and focus on newborn, toddlers and maternity photography. Taking photographs is not just a job, it’s a true calling for love and  truthfulness.

Most of my favorite images I have created are moments of babies, maternity and precious moments of families love bonds and how they relates to each other.