Behind the Scenes

Maddy and Ellie’s photo session Behind the Scene

I was so so lucky to meet this beautiful family  and spend a lovely afternoon in their place to photograph them.  Mellisa with her  2 beautiful daughter were so friendly and when I first see them in their pink matching outfit I got so happy and excited.

Maddie was her 4 years old daughter and little Ellie with those rosy cheeks was glowing in her pink outfit. their place decoration was all in white with a glowing white and gold snowy Christmass tree.

They were so excited to have their photo taken and they were running all around the house and capturing those happy moments with their mom was really a great and joyful experience for me. on that day i was so so happy cause i had one of my good friends Amiel to take a  behind the scene video of me taking photos and the beautiful moment they had .

















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